Depression & Long-Term Care

Pennsylvania depression management collaborative reduces depression by 58 percent for nursing home residents

It was a complete joy to read the article in ADVANCE for Nurses about Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor successes with depression prevention and management!  SPAHQ supports  ADVANCE for Nurses efforts and would be honored to collaborate in taking the program to the next level.

Article Excerpt: "Even with the recent emphasis on "home-like" environments, living in a long-term care facility is a major life change - one that's historically associated with the onset of depression.

"As much as you can tell them this is their new home, you can't ignore the restrictions," said Shirley Callahan, RN, assistant director of nursing for safety and quality at Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor, Meadowbrook, PA. "While they can freely walk around the facility, they can't just get in the car and go to the store. If they want to go out, a family member has to come and take them."

Add the situational burden to declining health and depression is even harder to avoid..."

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